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If I’ve learned anything from my experience with elementary teachers since entering the field of education, I really need to start building up some self-congratulatory anecdotes cause apparently that’s 90% of how they communicate.

"And then I had this one student, James, and boy was he trouble until _____________, and he still visits me every once and a while to tell me I’m his favorite teacher."

There I just condensed every 15 minute lecture or conversation you’ll have with a teacher teaching you to teach

"The notion that police officers are entitled to anonymity after such an action is not merely anti-democratic; it is, in fact, totalitarian.  The idea that a police department, with all of its resources and sworn personnel, might claim to be unable to protect an officer from retribution, and therefore employ such anonymity to further protect the officer from his citizenry is even more astonishing.  And any police agency showing such institutional cowardice which might then argue its public should continue to come forward and cooperate with officers in police investigations and to trust in the outcome is engaged in little more than rank hypocrisy.  After all, if an armed and sworn officer — backed by all the sworn personnel of his agency, by the power of its prosecutorial allies, the law and the courts — is afraid, then why should any witness or party to any crime, unarmed and unallied as they are, be asked to come forward and participate publicly in the process?"

-David Simon


I had a really good day interacting with human beings at school, then a really shitty day of learning about people on tumblr

me and tumblr have been drifting for a while now and this might be the coffin-nail

but I still like a whole bunch of people on here and the goodness of the people I’ve met is not tainted by strangers I haven’t so please send me a message if you’d like to keep in any sort of contact beyond tumblr, even if we haven’t interacted in a while

or does the act of consciously considering why you’re doing something make it good instead of just instinctive or a taught behavior

I dunno

The most pressing and consistent moral dilemma I find myself with is whether my actions are righteous or self-righteous like

if I do things because I want to do the right thing or if I do things because I want people to know that I’m a person who does right things and ultimately if that matters to the people I’m doing the right thing for.

And it’s so hard to assess your own actions because if you do something because it’s right, then it should be almost unconscious, so the very act of consciously considering why you do something makes you wonder if that’s influencing your decision and making it less genuinely good.

This thought goes through my head a lot in terms of how I judge myself as a person and I’ve yet to reach a conclusion

There’s a crematorium in Huber Heights called Marker & Heller

and I’m certain there’s a joke about “Mark ‘er and Hell ‘er” but in all the years I’ve driven past it I just can’t

Wednesday I become 21


what does this business do



I just auditioned for a performance group that isn’t related to school that plays gigs for money and arranges music and stuff

AND I got in so basically I think I can get my “adult” license now


What group? Are you still in the Dayton area? 

Yep, still in Dayton! It’s an A capella group called Phonic Uproar and it’s real exciting cause I feel like the weakest link and while that’s not a good thing necessarily it’s the best place to be to get better

I just auditioned for a performance group that isn’t related to school that plays gigs for money and arranges music and stuff

AND I got in so basically I think I can get my “adult” license now

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